Chief Chaplin Retires SFPD Horse "Gunny" With Bucket Brunch

Gunny is a 19-year-old Tennessee walker. Gunny came to the mounted unit in June of 2009. He is black in color with a white star and snip. Gunny is a veteran of many parades, including World Series, Cherry Blossom and Veterans Day along with many others. He will be retired to be a pasture mate to his fellow SFPD horse "Strider" who was retired a couple of years ago at a similar Lefty O'Doul's ceremony.

The San Francisco Mounted Unit was founded in 1874, is the second oldest continuous Mounted Patrol in the US and Canada. The Mounted Unit has been a part of San Francisco's rich history, like sourdough bread, cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only does the mounted unit have positive public relations with the community, they present a high visible police presence wherever they are deployed in their enforcement roles.


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