Central Station Newsletter - May 02, 2018

This past March, Central Station designated six officers to help deal with homeless related issues not only within the district, but throughout the City of San Francisco. Homeless Outreach officers Damien Fahey, Brandon Harris, Tomas Guerrero, Vincent Busalacchi, Stephen Collins, and James Lewis have been working to provide those in need such services as shelter, medical evaluations, and opportunities to reconnect with loved ones in other cities, and perhaps other states. These officers also work closely with the community to enforce sit/lie laws to ensure safe and clean streets throughout the district.

Recently, we received calls that there was a large encampment that blocked the entire sidewalk on the 100 block of Quincy Street. Our homeless outreach officers were notified of the situation and observed multiple people lodging on the block with garbage all around. Through the dedication of these officers, and help from the Department of Public Works, they were able to speak with the individuals in the encampment and advise them about the illegal lodging laws. The officers were also able to provide information regarding services the city offers to those who are homeless and looking to take the initial steps for help. Shortly thereafter, the block- long encampment was removed and has since been free of any obstructions.

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