Captain's Message

Greetings Southern District Members,

In the fall of 2019, we will have a new neighbor in the neighborhood. The Chase Center located on Third Street will be up and running. This will be exciting for San Francisco. Growing up in the seventies in San Francisco our arena was the Cow Palace on Geneva Ave. Although it was dated, back then it was exciting to attend events there, and if you wanted to see the Warriors you had to go to Oakland.

I have met with the Warriors several times about security and traffic issues that will impact the neighborhood. The Warriors organization has been working on plans for several years to mitigate any issues that will come up. The arena is taking shape and should be complete soon.

Sticking with the sports theme, the Giants start their 2019 baseball season on April 5th. I also recently met with the Giants. As many of you have seen, there is ongoing maintenance to the Lefty O’Doul Bridge that will continue through the season. Many fans and motorist use the bridge to get to Oracle Park. We will have sufficient Parking Control Officers and police officers on hand to facilitate traffic flow.

Although vehicle break-ins are down city wide as well as the Southern Police district, I encourage you to continue to park smart. Do not leave any visible items in your vehicle when you park your car. Also if you have any out of town guests remind them to do the same. This crime of opportunity can happen in moments.

Captain's Message