Captain's Message

Hello all

420 is now in our rearview mirror and despite record attendance we had less medical calls and less criminal activity by comparison to years past. This was really good news for all of the different agencies involved in the event, for the attendees and for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Now I would like to get back to thinking about crime prevention. I want to remind you all that safety and crime prevention begins with you. Please remember never to leave anything visible in your car when you park and if you are putting items in the trunk of your car do so away from where you park and then go park the car.

Remember lock all your doors especially garage doors as we are seeing an uptick in burglaries that involve the burglar entering into the garage and taking a bike. If you have a bike do consider putting a tracker on your bike so that if it is stolen we can increase our chance of finding the bike. In addition, lock the bike to a stationary object even if in your garage. This will at least slow down the thief if they make entry into your garage.

Do think about installing surveillance cameras in and around your home. Video Surveillance footage helps us every week to identify and arrest criminals. I cannot over-emphasize the advantage to having surveillance cameras installed as the video footage of crimes committed allow us to identify the suspects in the crimes and also additional evidence in criminal cases.

Be Safe and please review our Newsletter for further crime prevention tactics

Captain Una Bailey, Park Station

Captain's Message