Bayview Station - Officer of the Month - May 2018

Talent Tang

Meet Officer Talent Tang. A four year veteran of the SFPD, Talent began walking the beat on the San Bruno corridor at the beginning of this year. Officer Tang has proved a great fit for the neighborhood and has come to know the majority of the merchants and a lot of the residents who frequent the strip daily. He has become familiar with the specific concerns of the area and is happy to help anyone in need of suggestions for personal safety or tips and a plan for businesses. Officer Tang is fluent in Cantonese which often comes in handy during the course of his regular assignment as well as all of the neighborhood community meetings he attends. We feel that Officer Tang has proved a valuable addition to the foot beat patrol assigned to the bustling shopping hub of the Portola neighborhood and the community agrees! Get to know Officer Tang if you see him out and about. Feel free to say hello and chat him up (he likes sharing work-out tips).



Officer of the Month