Bayview Officers' Traffic Stop Results in the Arrest of an Attempted Murder Suspect and Recovered a Gun

christopher chiquillo

On February 11, 2013, Bayview Station officers were in the area of 3rd Street and Oakdale Street when they saw a four door, silver VW vehicle pull up along side them at a stop light. The driver, Christopher Chiquillo, 19, San Francisco, was observed opening an alcoholic beverage and drinking it while waiting for the light to turn green.

The officers conducted a traffic stop, and determined that Chiquillo did not possess, a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle. While preparing to transport Chiquillo to Bayview Police Station, officers searched him and recovered several rounds of ammunition and a silver handgun on his person.

Investigating officers also determined that Chiquillo was involved in a domestic violence incident on February 10, 2013, just one day prior, where he had fired shots at the victim using a silver pistol.

Chiquillo was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, domestic violence, traffic violation and attempted murder.

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