Officers were in the area of 490 Brannan when they observed an individual sitting on the curb next to Wells Fargo Bank. This individual caught the officer’s attention because he looked like a suspect from a burglary that had occurred the day prior. The individual was positively identified as Douglas Convey. Officers recognized Convey from a security video from a burglary that occurred at Under Armour Connected Fitness Office. Officers detained Convey for further investigation. Officers were able to confirm that Convey was the person in the video. Convey was even wearing the same clothing that he wore during the burglary. Convey was also wearing a reddish orange Under Armour shirt. Convey was on probation out of San Francisco for burglary, possession of stolen property and grand theft. Convey also had an active stay away order from the areas bordered by 3 rd St, Townsend St, Howard/Embarcadero, 9th St, Townsend/5th and Howard St until 4/13/2021. Convey was booked for burglary, possession of stolen property, violation of a court order and probation violation.

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