2013 Bay to Breakers Recap

SFPD would like to thank everyone especially all the residents and visitors this weekend that said something when they saw something. Together we kept each other safe.

We would also like to thank the 16 other law enforcement agencies, state and federal partners who assisted us in keeping San Francisco safe.

During the 2013 Bay 2 Breakers race/event 16 individuals that had too much to drink were accepted at sobering centers. 21 others had to be booked at County Jail for public intoxication. There was one arrest for possession of a firearm and one felony arrest for robbery.

Officers responded to 20 house parties where parties were advised and complied when asked to end the festivities.

Our ALU ( Alcohol Liaison Unit ) handled admonitions. Three bar checks were done with two being admonished regarding over occupancy.

One Officer sustained minor injuries during one of the arrest made during the day.

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