Department Bulletins & Notices 2020

20-001 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2020 (PDF)

20-002 NOBLE'S 44th Annual Training Conference (PDF)

20-003 Promotional Ceremony (PDF) 

20-004 Q50 Sergeant Examination Update (PDF) 

20-005 Q50 Sergeant Examination Update #2 (PDF)

20-007 Martin Luther King, Jr. March 2020 (PDF)

20-010 Chinese New Year Parade (PDF)

20-011 Modifications to California's Use of Force Standard (AB 392) (PDF)

20-012 "Purpose" Codes for the III Masks in CLETS (PDF)

20-013 Department General Order 5.15 "Enforcement of Immigration Laws" Update Packet #63 (PDF)

20-014 Wellness Program Arbitration Award (PDF)

20-015 Opportunity to Serve as a Project Manager (PDF)

20-016 Supervisor Completion of Performance Evaluations (PDF)

20-019 Compensatory Time-Off Buyback Program FY 2019-2020 (PDF)

20-022 Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Radio Code (PDF)

20-023 Q-80 Captain Examination Update (PDF)

20-024 Daylight Saving Time Starts - Spring 2020 (PDF)

20-026 Information for COVID-19 Exposure (PDF)

20-028 Public Health Order Regarding COVID-19 (PDF)

20-030 Leadership San Francisco 2021 (PDF)

20-031 Captain Examination Update 2 (PDF)

20-035 Police Reports and Collecting Accurate Home Addresses (PDF)

20-037 Timekeeping Responsibilities and Inadequate Balance in HRMS (PDF)

20-040 Incident Codes for Violation of Health Order C19-07 (PDF)

20-041 Surreptitious Recording (PDF) 

20-045 Enforcement of Public Health Orders (PDF)

20-047 Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Alert System (PDF)

20-049 Firearms Only Envelope, Firearms Evidence Envelope, and Proper Terminology (PDF)

20-052 Triage Questions for Calls for Service During COVID-19 Deployment (PDF)

20-054 Guidance for Conducting Voluntary Self-Health Screenings and the Use of Digital No Contact Thermometers for Temperature Checks (PDF) 

20-056 Application for P.O.S.T. Command College Class 69 (PDF)

20-057 Proper Disposition of Bicycles and Scooters that are the Property of Bicycle-Scooter Rental/Share Companies (PDF) 

20-058 Animal Care and Control CLETS Requests (PDF)

20-061 Updated Compensation Plan for COVID-19 (PDF)

20-064 Enforcement of Public Health Orders (NEW) - Supersedes 20-045 (PDF)

20-065 Clarification of New SFDA "Standby Subpoenas" (PDF)

20-066 Updated Guidance for Mandatory Use of Respirators and Masks for Police Department Employees (Supersedes Notice 20-55) (PDF)

20-071 Enforcement of Face Covering Health Order (PDF)