Department Bulletins 2019

A 19-005 Department General Order 3.16 "Release of Police Reports" Update Packet #59 (PDF)

A 19-006 Employee Information Regarding SFPD Reasonable Accommodation Process (Re-issue DB 17-022) (PDF)

A 19-007 Autism Awareness (Re-issue DB 17-004) (PDF)

B 19-008 Revision to 25 MPC Placards Policy (Supersedes DB 18-189) (PDF)

A 19-009 Proper Use and Storage of Body Worn Cameras (Re-issue DB 16-213) (PDF)

B 19-015 SFPD Collaborative Reform Initiative Update (PDF)

B 19-016 SFPD Safe Place Program (PDF)

A 19-017 Clarification Regarding Member Complaints to DPA (PDF)

A 19-018 Monitoring Overtime (Amends DGO 11.01 Section I B.4 (b)) (Re-issue DB 17-045) (PDF)

A 19-020 Sabre Red OC (PDF)

A 19-024 Section 121 of the San Francisco Municipal Police Code Loitering Outside Nightclubs Prohibited (PDF)

A 19-025 The San Francisco Police Department Reserve Officer Program (PDF)

B 19-027 Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities Enforcement of San Francisco Police Code, Article 43 (PDF)

A 19-029 Enforcement of Immigration Laws (PDF)

A 19-031 Issuance of Property Receipt for Items Seized Under Warrant (PDF)

A 19-033 Arrests of Department Members: Notification Responsibility (Re-issue DB 17-042) (PDF)

A 19-034 Mental Health Resource Guide (PDF)

A 19-036 2019 Legislative Update (PDF)

A 19-037 2019 Case Law Updates (PDF)

C 19-044 Daylight Saving Time Starts — Spring 2019 (PDF)

B 19-046 Timely Submission of Traffic Collision Reports (PDF)

B 19-049 Telephone Courtesy (PDF)

C 19-050 Use of Department Mailing Address for Personal Mail Prohibited (PDF)

A 19-051 SFPD Members' Expectation of Privacy Use of Computers, Peripheral Equipment and Facilities (PDF)

A 19-056 Inquiries into a Member's Own Vehicle or Driving Record (PDF)

A 19-058 Reporting the Theft and Recovery of Electric Vehicles : Electric Ride-on-Toys in SVS (PDF)

A 19-060 Revised Brochures Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco Guide to Language Assistance Services (PDF)

B 19-061 Timely Submission of Traffic Collision Reports (PDF)

A 19-066 Booking Prisoner Property (PDF)

A 19-067 Fraternization Policy (PDF)

A 19-068 Rights and Responsibilities under California Whistleblower Laws (PDF)

A 19-069 Hotel Consent Required to Review Hotel Registries (PDF)

B 19-071 Healthy Streets Operation Center (HSOC) Homelessness, Substance Abuse and Other Services (PDF)

C 19-072 Seniority Stripes (PDF)

A 19-074 Use of Service and Support Animals by Persons with Disabilities (PDF)

A 19-080 Legal Enforcement Options for Addressing Lodging and Illegal Encampments (PDF)

C 19-081 Homeward Bound Program and Navigation Center (PDF)

A 19-082 San Francisco Ethics Commission SFPD Statement of Incompatible Activities (PDF)

A 19-088 NOBLE's 43" Annual Training Conference (PDF)

C 19-090 Hunter's Chest (PDF)

A 19-091 Release of Police Reports under CA Family Code § 6228 - New Forms (PDF)

C 19-093 Field Operations Bureau Community Engagement Division (PDF)

A 19-096 Responsibility for Civilians to Adhere to General Orders (PDF)

A 19-098 The San Francisco Police Department Strategic Plan 1.0 Improve Responsiveness and Measure & Communicate (PDF)

A 19-105 Updated Incident Log Forms (PDF)

A 19-106 Clarifying Issues between Dispatch and Patrol (PDF)

C 19-112 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

C 19-113 Lowering of Flags National Peace Officers Memorial Day (PDF)

A 19-115 Missing Persons Assignment Criteria (PDF)

A 19-117 Requests for Service (PDF)

A 19-118 Training Video Regarding Cross Reports between the San Francisco Police Department and Family and Children Services (PDF)

A19-119 Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Training Symposium (PDF)

A19-120 SFPD Collaborative Reform Initiative Update Addendum (PDF)

A19-121 Notice of Correction and Proof of Service Form TR-100 Redacted (PDF)

A19-122 Department General Order 2.04 Complaints Against Officers Update Packet 60 (PDF)

A19-124 Reserve Officer Manual DM 25 (PDF)

A19-126 Required Elementsin Use of Force Incident Reports (PDF)

A19-129 U-Visa Protocol for Assisting Immigrant Victims of Crime (PDF)

A 19-130 Reporting Requirements for Health Care Providers when Encountering Patients with Suspicious Injuries (PDF)

C 19-131 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

B 19-133 Gas Cards (PDF)

B 19-135 Mandatory Reading Reminder (PDF)

A 19-136 Consent Searches of Private Residences Redacted (PDF)

A 19-137 Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) Manual DM 24 (PDF)

A 19-140 Booking Recording Device Evidence and Written Statements (PDF)

A 19-142 Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving Reporting Update (PDF)

A 19-143 Retiring Members Uniform Equipment Turn In SFPD Form 549 Redacted (PDF)

A 19-144 DUI Telephonic Search Warrant Procedures Redacted (PDF)

B 19-145 Verifying Identities When Booking or Citing Subjects (PDF)

B 19-149 Bilingual Testing for Department Members (PDF)

B 19-151 Lactation Accommodation Policy (PDF)

A 19-152 Monthly Roll Call Training (PDF)

A 19-153 Public Records on Personal Electronic Devices (PDF)

A 19-154 Sending Arrest Reports to the O.R. Project (PDF)

A 19-156 Mandatory Sign off of Department Issued Documents in HRMS Human Resource Management System (PDF)

A 19-159 Transporting Persons Who Use Mobility Devices (PDF)

A 19-160 CLETS Protecting Sensitive Criminal Justice Information (PDF)

A 19-161 Civil Warrant of Body Attachment Bench Warrant (PDF)

C 19-164 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

B 19-165 Community Policing Strategic Plan (PDF)

C 19-169 Off Duty Concealed Carry Prohibited at Chase Center (PDF)

A 9-171 Retention Pay Premium Effective July 1, 2020 (PDF)

A 19-173 Organization of SFPD Command Staff (PDF)

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