A 18-001 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2018 (PDF)

A 18-002 Indicating Use of Force in an Incident Report (PDF)

A 18-004 Chief's Order for Disciplinary Suspension (PDF)

B 18-005 Parking City-Owned Vehicles and Procedures to Request Dismissal of Parking Citations (PDF)

A 18-008 Policies Regarding the Loss or Theft of a Department-Issued Mobile Device and or Token (PDF)

B 18-013 Annual TB Screening (Supersedes DB 17-014) (PDF)

B 18-014 Metal Theft Investigations (PDF)

B 18-015 Crime Scene Management - Red Crime Scene Tape (PDF)

B 18-017 Elder Abuse (EA) and Child Abuse (CA) Radio Suffix Codes (PDF)

A 18-019 Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Ford Explorers (PDF)

A 18-022 FasTrak, Toll Evasion Violations and Proper Member Conduct (PDF)

A 18-023 Surreptitious Recording (PDF)

C 18-026 Field Operations Bureau - Community Engagement Division (Supersedes DB 17-135) (PDF)

B 18-027 Burglary Investigation Protocols (PDF)

A 18-028 Implementation of the eCitation App (PDF)

A 18-031 SFPD Update to the S.F. Community Justice Center (CJC) (PDF)

A 18-032 Nonbinary is Legally Recognized as a 3rd Gender Category -New Booking Card Introduced (PDF)

A 18-034 Obtaining Emergency Protective Orders (EPO's), Search Warrants, DUI Blood Draw Search Warrants, Emergency Arrest Warrants and Emergency Bail Modifications (PDF)

A 18-035 Court Appearances and Court Compensation Pay (Amends DGO 3.08. Re-Issue 13-210, DB 16-053, and DB 16-131) (PDF)

A 18-037 Arrests / Citations for Traffic Collisions (PDF)

B 18-038 Correctable Violations and Proper Completion of Traffic Citations (PDF)

A 18-039 New State Law regarding Revised Definition of Assault Weapons and Registration Requirement of such Weapons (PDF)

A 18-040 Release of Information to the News Media and/or Public Regarding Homicide Detail Investigations (PDF)

A 18-044 Automated External Defribrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles (PDF)

C 18-046 Daylight Saving Time Starts - Spring 2018 (PDF)

B 18-048 Out-of-Service Vehicles (PDF)

A 18-053 Arrests on San Francisco Unified School District Sites (PDF)

A 18-055 The TRUTH Act and Associated Notification Forms (PDF)

A 18-057 San Francisco Ethics Commission - SFPD "Statement of Incompatible Activities" (PDF)

A 18-061 Prohibited Items at Airport Security Checkpoints (PDF)

A 18-063 SFPD Implementation of Assembly Bill 953, "The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015" (PDF)

B 18-069 Obtaining Value of Stolen and Recovered Property (PDF)

A 18-071 Management of Department Social Media Accounts (PDF)

A 18-073 Staffing and Deployment Unit (PDF)

A 18-078 Uniform and Professional Attire (PDF)

A 18-081 Staff Inspection Unit (PDF)

A 18-082 Assembly Bill No. 1312: Sexual Assault Victims Rights (PDF)

A 18-084 Preventing Workplace Harassment Training (PDF)

A 18-085 Mandatory Testing of a Member Involved in a Traffic Collision and the Drug Testing Process (PDF)

A 18-086 Protocol for Requesting a Certified Bilingual Officer (PDF)

A 18-088 Legal Enforcement Options for Addressing Illegal Encampments (PDF)

A 18-089 Protocol for Processing Homeless Property consistent with DPW's "Bag & Tag" Policy (PDF)

C 18-091 Lowering of Flags: National Peace Officers Memorial Day (PDF)

B 18-092 Emailing San Francisco Police Department Daily Arrest Information - Revised SFPD Form 307 (Supersedes DB 17-047) (PDF)

B 18-095 Attendance to the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives 23rd Annual Conference (PDF)

B 18-098 Standardized Population Figure (PDF)

A 18-099 The San Francisco Police Department Strategic Plan 1.0 Rollout and First Steps (Strategic Plan Roll Out Video) (PDF)

A 18-100 Disposal of Confidential Information (PDF)

A 18-105 Stop Data Collection System (SDCS) Implementation (Rescinds DB 16-208 & 17-213) (PDF)

A 18-107 Member-Initiated Driver Incapacity Proceedings (PDF)

A 18-111 Mandatory CSI Response to Officer-Involved Discharges (Re-issue DB 16-100) (PDF)

A 18-114 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy (Re-issue DB 16-118) (PDF)

A 18-116 Department Issued Business Cards & Reportee Follow-Up Form (PDF)

B 18-123 Reports Regarding Vicious and Dangerous Dogs (Supersedes DB 17-169) (PDF)

B 18-127 The International Association of Chiefs of Police Women's Leadership Institute (PDF)

A 18-128 California Relay Services Phone Number (Supersedes DB 16-098) (PDF)

A 18-131 Entering Residences Houses, Apartments, Hotels, including SRO Hotels (Re-issue DB 16-056 (PDF)

A 18-135 Pink Patch Project to Support Breast Cancer Awareness (PDF)

A 18-137 Legal Enforcement Options for Addressing Illegal Encampments (Supersedes DB 18-088) (PDF)

B 18-141 Protecting Yourself from Unnecessary Exposure During Wildland Fires Associated with Mutual Aid Responses (PDF)

A 18-143 Traffic Collisions Incidents Involving Bicycles (Re-issue DB 16-141) (PDF)

A 18-148 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaint Procedure (Re-issue DB 16-104) (PDF)

C 18-150 Secondary Incident Code for Incident on School Grounds (Re-issue DB 16-147) (PDF)

A 18-151 Ride-Along Policy and Procedures (Re-issue DB 16-137) (PDF)

A 18-152 Graffiti Arrest Investigations (Re-issue DB 16-140) (PDF)

A 18-154 Report Writing Responsibilities Supervisors, Officer & Police Service Aides (Re-issue DB 16-125) (PDF)

A 18-157 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) (Re-issue DB 16-134) (PDF)

B 18-160 Discussions with Attorneys and Investigators (Re-issue DB 16-139) (PDF)

A 18-161 False Allegations of Misconduct against Peace Officers Penal Code Section 148.6 (Re-issue DB 10-134) (PDF)

A 18-162 Accurint LE Accessing Data for Permissible Purposes (Re-issue DB 16-136) (PDF)

C 18-163 Rumors and Bullying in the Workplace.pdf (Re-issue DB 14-234) (PDF)

B 18-164 Special Victims Unit (SVU) Shadowing Program (Supersedes DB 17-125) (PDF)

A 18-166 Fire and Arson Investigations (Re-issue DB 16-049) (PDF)

C 18-168 Chief's Message 17th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001, Attacks (PDF)

A 18-171 Updated Supervisory Use of Force Evaluation Form (Supersedes DB 17-006, Amends DGO 5.01) (PDF)

C 18-172 Recycling and Disposal for SF City Departments (Re-issue DB 08-188) (PDF)

C 18-175 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (Supersedes DB 17-195) (PDF)

B 18-183 Property Control Section Right of Refusal Policy (Re-issue DB 16-154) (PDF)

B 18-184 Reporting Property Damage Caused by Members (Re-issue DB 16-156) (PDF)

A 18-185 Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals (Re-issue DB 16-107) (PDF)

A 18-186 Clarification Regarding Reporting Requirements Under DGO 5.04 Arrests by Private Persons (Re-issue DB 16-117) (PDF)

A 18-187 Opiate Overdose Prevention and Treatment - Naloxone Hydrochloride (Supersedes DB 17-096) (PDF)

A 18-188 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles (Supersedes DB 18-044) (PDF)

B 18-189 Color Coded 25 MPC Placards (Re-issue DB 16-161) (PDF)

A 18-191 Uniform Inspections and Associated Form (SFPD 587) (PDF)

C 18-192 Homeward Bound Program (Re-issue DB 16-155) (PDF)

A 18-195 Department General Order 5.22 Interacting with Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Nonbinary Individuals Update Packet #58 (PDF)

A 18-196 Pursuit Driving Policy Training Vehicle Code Section 17004.7(b)(1) CVC (PDF)

B 18-200 Crime Scene Management (Re-issue DB 15-012) (PDF)

A 18-204 Radio Code 423 - Community Engagement (Re-issue DB 16-142) (PDF)

C 18-205 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

C 18-209 Interfaith Winter Shelter Program 2018-2019 (Re-issue DB 16-212) (PDF)

B 18-214 Proper Identification Required When Signing Out Property (Re-issue DB 16-189) (PDF)

B 18-219 Requirement to Use Updated Notice to Appear Citations (TF 130) (PDF)

B 18-220 Revised Like Work Like Pay Policy (Supersedes DB 17-162) (PDF)

C 18-224 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

C 18-227 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

A 18-228 Orginization of SFPD Command Staff (PDF)

A 18-229 Investigations Bureau (PDF)

A 18-230 Strategic Management Bureau (PDF)

A 18-231 Unit Changes (PDF)

A 18-236 Securing Equipment in Police Vehicles (PDF)

B 18-237 Report Requirements for 11353.6 H&S (PDF)

A 18-240 Guidelines Concerning Narcotics-Related Loitering Offenses (PDF)

A 18-243 Vehicle Towing & Holds for Narcotics (PDF)

A 18-244 Contact with Victims/Witnesses during on-going DPA Investigations (PDF)

A 18-247 Stop Data Collection System (SDCS) Implementation (PDF)

A 18-249 Early Intervention System Procedures (PDF)

A 18-254 Department of Police Accountability's Mediation Program (PDF)


A 18-257 Categorization of Body Worn Camera Footage (PDF)

A 18-261 Assistive Listening Devices and Locations (PDF)

C 18-262 Happy Holidays (PDF)

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