A 17-004 Autism Awareness (PDF)

A 17-006 Supervisory Use of Force Evaluation Form (Supersedes DB 15-237, Amends DGO 5.01) (PDF)

A 17-007 Hypodermic Syringe Access and Disposal Programs (PDF)

A 17-010 DGO 5.21 "The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Response to Person in Crisis Calls for Service" Update Packet #55 (PDF)

A 17-011 Pop-up Network Acceptable Use Statement on Workstations (Amends portions of DGO 10.08) (PDF)

A 17-012 Obtaining A Public Safety Statement (PDF)

A 17-013 Rights and Responsibilities under California Whistleblower Laws (PDF)

A 17-014 Annual TB Screening (Supersedes DB 15-173) (PDF)

A 17-015 Enforcement of Immigration Laws (Supersedes DB 16-015) (PDF)

A 17-016 Prohibition on the Enforcement of Administrative Immigration Warrants (Supersedes DB 16-048) (PDF)

A 17-017 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

A 17-018 Organizational Structure (PDF)

A 17-021 Aggressive Solicitation 120-2(d) 1-4 MPC (PDF)

A 17-023 Hotel Consent Required to Review Hotel Registries (PDF)

A 17-024 Language Service Information Card (PDF)

A 17-025 Autonomous Vehicles (PDF)

C 17-026 Medal of Valor Awards Ceremony (PDF)

A 17-032 SFPD Members' Expectation of Privacy Use of Computers, Peripheral Equipment and Facilities (PDF)

A 17-033 Staph Infection Awareness (PDF)

A 17-034 Civil Summons and Complaint (PDF)

A 17-036 San Francisco Ethics Commission SFPD "Statement of Incompatible Activities" (PDF)

A 17-037 Section 121 OF THE San Francisco Municipal Police Code Loitering Outside Nightclubs (PDF)

A 17-038 Supplementary Traffic Collision Reports (PDF)

A 17-039 New Family & Children Services Referral Card (SFPD 570) (PDF)

A 17-042 Arrests of Department Members: Notification Responsibility (PDF)

A 17-043 Mandatory Training for All SFPD CLETS Users (PDF)

B 17-044 Member Inquiries to the Background Investigations Unit (PDF)

A 17-045 Monitoring Overtime (PDF)

B 17-048 Reports regarding Vicious and Dangerous Dogs (Supersedes DB 17-008) (PDF)

A 17-051 Civil Gang Injunction Arrests (PDF)

A 17-052 Issuance of Property Receipt for Items Seized Under Warrant (PDF)

A 17-053 Reporting Requirements for Cal/OSHA (PDF)

A 17-056 Limited English (LEP) Persons Data Tracking (Supersedes DB 16-029) (PDF)

C 17-057 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

B 17-059 Telephone Courtesy (PDF)

A 17-061 Request for Sign Language Interpreters (Supersedes DB 16-101) (PDF)

A 17-067 Requirements Regarding Arrestees' Rights to Phone Calls (PDF)

A 17-068 Booking Prisoner Property (PDF)

B 17-069 Verifying Identities When Booking or Citing Subjects (PDF)

A 17-070 Public On-Line Reporting (PDF)

A 17-071 Requests for Service (PDF)

A 17-072 Responsibility for Civilians to Adhere to General Orders (PDF)

A 17-074 Off-Duty Concealed Carry PROHIBITED at AT&T Park (PDF)

A 17-078 Fraternization Policy (PDF)

A 17-079 Transporting Persons Who Use Mobility Devices (PDF)

A 17-080 Mandatory Sign-off of Department Issued Documents in HRMS (PDF)

A 17-082 Training Video regarding Cross Reports between the SFPD and Family and Children Services (PDF)

A 17-083 Consent Searches of Private Residences (PDF)

A 17-086 Missing Persons Assignment Criteria (Supersedes DB 17-063) (PDF)

A 17-088 New JUSTIFICATION Enhancement on the RAPS Masks (PDF)

B 17-089 Vehicle Investigative Hold & Release Policy (PDF)

B 17-093 San Francisco Housing Authority Developments, Notification and Procedures (PDF)

A 17-095 Required Elements in Use of Force Incident Reports (PDF)

A 17-096 Opiate Overdose Prevention and Treatment—Naloxone Hydrochloride (PDF)

A 17-097 Policy on Family and Romantic Relationships at Work (PDF)

A 17-098 PERSONNEL FILES - Sealing Documents - SFPOA Members (PDF)

A 17-101 2017 Legislative Update (PDF)

A 17-102 2017 Case Law Update (PDF)

C 17-103 Outside Agency Courtesy Reports (PDF)

A 17-104 Burglary - Hot Prowl Definition and Notifications (PDF)

C 17-105 Relocation of Sheriff's Department's Central Records Unit (CRU) (PDF)

A 17-106 Faxing Arrest Reports to the O.R. Project (PDF)

A 17-108 Everbridge Notification System and Outside-Agency Responses to Critical Incidents (PDF)

A 17-110 Department General Order 8.07 - "Hazardous Material Incidents" - Update Packet 56 (PDF)

A 17-112 Overtime Rules and Reporting (PDF)

B 17-113 Hearing Conservation Program (PDF)

A 17-114 "Sexual Assault Victims' DNA Bill of Rights," Information and Notification (PDF)

A 17-116 Public Records on Personal Electronic Devices (PDF)

A 17-118 Protocol for Gifts, Compensation and Rewards (PDF)

A 17-124 Tactical Medical Pouches (PDF)

A 17-129 Health Care Provider Suspicious Injury Reports to Law Enforcement (PDF)

A 17-140 Officer and Supervisor Responsibilities Regarding Data Reporting, Collection, and Input Practices (PDF)

A 17-142 Mandatory Processing of 852 Vehicles by Trained Patrol Units (Supersedes DB 16-069) (PDF)

A 17-143 Protocol for Release of Police Reports (PDF)

A 17-149 Release of Information to the News Media and/or Public Regarding Homicide Detail Investigations (PDF)

A 17-150 Taking Photographs and Recording with Body Worn Camera during Criminal Investigations (PDF)

A 17-155 Body Worn Camera - Court Protocol (PDF)

A 17-156 Body Worn Camera Mute Function (PDF)

A 17-157 Restructure of Command - Forensic Services Division (PDF)

C 17-159 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

B 17-161 Lactation Accommodation Policy (PDF)

A 17-163 Department General Order 5.15 "Enforcement of Immigration Laws" Update Packet #57 (PDF)

A 17-165 CLETS - Protecting Sensitive Criminal Justice Information (PDF)

C 17-166 Restructure of Command - Community Engagement Division (PDF)

A 17-167 Traffic Collision Scene Preservation (PDF)

C 17-172 Chief's Message - 16th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001, Attacks (PDF)

A 17-178 Mandatory Testing of a Member Involved in a Traffic Collision and the Drug Testing Process (PDF)

A 17-180 Arrests Of Sex Offenders (PDF)

A 17-183 Grooming Standards (Amends DGO 11.08) (PDF)

C 17-191 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

C 17-192 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

C 17-193 Command Staff Assignments (PDF)

B 17-196 New Investigative Unit: Crime Gun Investigations Center (PDF)

C 17-198 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (PDF)

B 17-199 Completing Stolen Vehicle Releases (PDF)

B 17-201 SFPD Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Policy (PDF)

A 17-202 Firearm Security in Vehicles (PDF)

C 17-208 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

A 17-209 Investigations Reorganization (PDF)

A 17-212 Use of Cellular Phones and Electronic Communication Devices by Motorists and Members (PDF)

A 17-213 eStop - Contact Data Collection Program Clarification of "SEARCH" Values (Supplements DB 16-208) (PDF)

A 17-214 Professional Email Standards (PDF)

A 17-219 Cal-Photo Valid Reason for Access (PDF)

A 17-220 Covered State List - City Contracts - Anti-LGBT Laws (PDF)

A 17-221 Marsy's Rights Card - Victim Rights Notification (PDF)

A 17-222 No Political Activity While on Duty (PDF)

A 17-223 Secondary Employment (PDF)

A 17-226 Mandatory Substance Abuse Testing for Sworn Members (PDF)

B 17-227 Preventive Measures for Hepatitis A (PDF)

A 17-228 "Not On My Watch" Pledge (PDF)

B 17-236 Medical or Physical Therapy Appointments On-Duty (PDF)

A 17-238 DHR 2017 Preventing Workplace Harrassment Training (PDF)

A 17-242 Mandatory Management Advanced Officer Continuing Professional Training 2017-2018 CPT Cycle (PDF)

B 17-244 Contacting the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) (PDF)

C 17-245 3M Chemical Valved Odor Respirators (PDF)

A 17-249 Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers (PDF)

A 17-250 Secondary Handgun Protocol (PDF)

B 17-251 Bilingual Testing for Department Members (PDF)

B 17-253 Use of Rental Vehicles (PDF)

C 17-255 Revised SFPD DPA Complaint Form 293 (PDF)

B 17-256 Case Assignments for Investigation (PDF)

B 17-257 Hearing Conservation Program (Supersedes DB 17-113) (PDF)

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