A 16-002 Chief's Order for Disciplinary Suspension (PDF)

A 16-003 Policies Regarding the Loss or Theft of a Department-Issued Mobile Device and/or Token (PDF)

A 16-006 Required Equipment (PDF)

A 16-008 Sworn Promotional Exam Minimum Qualifications (PDF)

A 16-009 Secondary Handgun Protocol (PDF)

A 16-010 FasTrak, Toll Evasion Violations and Proper Member Conduct (PDF)

A 16-011 Uniform and Professional Attire (PDF)

B 16-012 Crime Scene Management - Red Crime Scene Tape (PDF)

A 16-015 Enforcement of Immigration Laws (PDF)

A 16-016 2016 Legislative Update (PDF)

A 16-017 2016 Case Law Update (PDF)

B 16-018 Application to the U.S. Department of Justice/COPS Office 2016 Senior Law Enforcement Fellows Program (PDF)

A 16-019 Professional Standards and Principled Policing Bureau (PDF)

A 16-021 U.S. Department of Justice Collaborative Review Initiative (PDF)

A 16-022 New Bi-Annual Force Options Training (PDF)

A 16-023 Training Video and On-Line Survey regarding DGO 5.20, Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons (PDF)

A 16-024 Surreptitious Recording (PDF)

A 16-025 A Guideline to Documenting Latent Print Cards and Envelopes (PDF)

A 16-029 (LEP) Data Collection Crime Data Warehouse (PDF)

A 16-030 Change to Crime Data Warehouse for Department General Order 7.04, Children of Arrested Parents (PDF)

B 16-033 2016 Application for The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) (PDF)

C 16-034 Daylight Saving Time Starts - Spring 2016 (PDF)

B 16-036 Obtaining Value of Stolen Property (PDF)

C 16-037 Professional Standards & Principled Policing Bureau and Risk Management Division (PDF)

A 16-041 Arrests on San Francisco Unified School District Sites (PDF)

A 16-047 Copies of OCC Complaints (PDF)

A 16-048 Prohibition on the Enforcement of Administrative Immigration Warrants (PDF)

A 16-056 Entering Residences: Houses, Apartments, Hotels, including SRO Hotels (Re-Issue DB 12-142) (PDF)

A 16-058 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Deployment to Police Vehicles (PDF)

A 16-060 Use of Service and Support Animals by Persons with Disabilities (PDF)

A 16-069 Mandatory Processing of 852 Vehicles by Trained Patrol Units (PDF)

A 16-070 Preventing Workplace Harassment Training (PDF)

A 16-072 Management of Department Social Media Accounts (PDF)

C 16-079 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex Resource Guide (PDF)

A 16-082 Reminder regarding Department General Order 5.02, Use of Firearms: Discharge of Firearm at Operator or Occupant of Moving Vehicles (PDF)

C 16-083 Chief's Message (PDF)

C 16-084 New California Public Records Act Request Portal (PDF)

A 16-088 Department Issued Business Cards & Reportee Follow-Up Form (SFPD 105) (Supersedes DB 15-233) (PDF)

A 16-089 Department Email Policy & Procedures (Supersedes DB 14-189) (PDF)

A 16-090 Department General Order 10.11 "Body Worn Camera Policy" (Update Packet #52) (PDF)

A 16-091 Protocol for Processing Homeless Property "Bag & Tag" (PDF)

A 16-098 Telephone Typewriter (TTY) Phone Numbers and Locations (PDF)

A 16-100 Mandatory CSI Response to Officer-Involved Discharges (PDF)

A 16-101 Request for Sign Language Interpreters (Supersedes DB 14-255) (PDF)

A 16-107 Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals (Re-issue DB 14-126 & 15-046) (PDF)

A 16-111 Body Worn Camera (PDF)

A 16-112 Principles to Consider Regarding the Use and Application of Force (PDF)

A 16-115 Vehicle Tow Policy & Procedure 14601/12500 CVC (Amends DGO 9.06) (Supersedes STOP Manual-Section 8: Dept. Policy on Towing) (PDF)

A 16-117 Clarification Regarding Reporting Requirements Under DGO 5.04 "Arrests by Private Persons" (PDF)

A 16-118 Harassment-Free Workplace Policy (PDF)

A 16-125 Report Writing Responsibilities-Supervisors, Officers & Police Service Aides (PDF)

C 16-129 Restructure of Command-Crisis Intervention Team Program (PDF)

A 16-134 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) (PDF)

A 16-137 Ride-Along Policy and Procedures (PDF)

A 16-140 Graffiti Arrest Investigations (PDF)

A 16-141 Traffic Collisions/Incidents Involving Bicycles (PDF)

A 16-142 Radio Code 423 - Citizen/Community Engagement (PDF)

A 16-144 Vehicle Collisions (PDF)

A 16-153 Pursuit Driving Policy Training; Vehicle Code Section 17004.7(b)(1) (Supersedes Department Bulletin 15-097) (DB Expires 10/04/16) (PDF)

C 16-155 Homeward Bound Program (PDF)

A 16-166 U.S. Department of Justice Collaborative Review Initiative Report (Superseded) (PDF)

A 16-168 Traffic Stop Data Collection Program Information (Superseded) (PDF)

B 16-171 Stalking Investigations (PDF)

A 16-179 Department General Order 2.09 "Personal Use of Social Media" (PDF)

A 16-185 Securing Equipment in Police Vehicles (PDF)

A 16-186 Contact with Victims/Witnesses during on-going OCC Investigations (PDF)

A 16-188 Update on Traffic Warrant Clear-up (PDF)

B 16-191 Report Requirements for 11353.6 H&S (PDF)

A 16-199 First Amendment Activities: Pre-Event Planning (PDF)

A 16-208 eStop - Contact Data Collection Program (PDF)

A 16-209 Early Intervention System Procedures (PDF)

A 16-213 Proper Use and Storage of Body Worn Cameras (PDF)

B 16-215 Incident Reports Regarding Lost ID Consular Cards and/or Foreign Passports (PDF)

A 16-216 Mandatory Reading (PDF)

A 16-219 Department General Order 5.01, "Use of Force" Update Packet #54 (PDF)

A 16-221 Rescinding of Department General Order 5.02, "Use of Firearms" (PDF)

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