Raj Vaswani

Photo of DC Vaswani
Deputy Chief
Special Operations Bureau

Within SFPD’s Operations, Deputy Chief Raj Vaswani oversees the Special Operations Bureau. He was previously Deputy Chief of the Investigations Bureau. Within the Investigations Bureau are the Crime Lab, CSI, and ID Bureau. All felony crimes are assigned for investigation in one of the Units within the Bureau. Some of the Units are Homicide, Community Violence Reduction Team (including all undercover enforcement teams), Gun Crime Intelligence (ATF Task Force), Special Victims Unit, General Works District Investigations, Narcotics, Federal Task Forces, Special Investigations, Burglary Investigations (Organized Retail Crime) & Robbery Investigations.

DC Vaswani has a passion for community service, he wanted to become a police officer since he was in 5th grade.   With over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, he has worked in various neighborhood Stations such as Southern, Bayview, Ingleside, Park, Northern, and Citywide Traffic Company (Solo Motorcycles). He was the Captain of Park Station and Bayview Station. Some of the specialty assignments he has worked in after patrol are foot/bike beats, public housing, undercover/narcotics/street crimes, legal division, administration, & investigations