Working together to end LGBTQ+ bullying

In 2012, the SFPD became the nation’s first police department to produce a video supporting the national “It Gets Better” campaign. We invite you to watch it and hear several of our own LGBT officers speak honestly about their own struggles as youth, and how they discovered that their differences could be a source of strength.

The “It Gets Better” project offers support and encouragement to youth who are struggling with their sexual identity and bullied for being different.  Its messages of hope let young people know that they are not alone and that help is available. Visit the project’s website for a list of organizations and resources available to support LGBTQ+ youth.

The SFPD video was produced and edited by San Francisco filmmaker Shawn Northcutt. San Francisco musician Lynden Bair developed the musical score.

For more information about this video, contact the SFPD Media Relations office at 1-415-837-7395

Suicide is not the answer. If you're considering suicide or need help, call the Trevor Project now.
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