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SFPD Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read San Francisco's Updated Safer-At-Home Order

Updated 2/8/21

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SFPD Notice 20-071 Enforcement of Face Covering Health Order

Updated 4/24/20

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SFPD Releases COVID-19 Public Service Announcement Videos

Updated 4/10/20

As part of our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, San Francisco Police Department has released three short public safety announcement videos:

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SFPD Issues Warning About Fraudulent Door-to-Door Visitors

Updated 3/30/20

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Additional SFPD Member Tests Positive For COVID-19

Updated 3/25/20

SFPD Chief William Scott today announced the work partner of a Special Victims Unit (SVU) sergeant who tested positive for COVID-19 has also tested positive for the virus. The department learned of the test results this morning. Twenty-five sworn members and two civilian professional staff members of SVU were sent home on Tuesday, March 24 2020 to self-quarantine for 14 days. The SVU office at the Hall of Justice was closed yesterday to organize deep cleaning services. It has been closed to public "walk-ins" since Monday, March 16th, though we continue to offer services to those in need.

SFPD Notice 20-045 Enforcement of Public Health Orders

Updated 6/2/20

*Department Notice 20-064 is superseded by Department Notice 20-083

Updated 4/24/20

*Department Notice 20-045 is superseded by Department Notice 20-064

Updated 3/24/20

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SFPD Sergeant Tests Positive For Covid-19

Updated 3/24/20

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SFPD Warns Public About COVID-19 Scams

Updated 3/23/20

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SFPD Temporarily Closes Records Room Public Service Windows

Updated 2/9/21

We have closed our in person request window at the Public Safety Building (1245 3rd Street) to adhere to social distancing recommendations and to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. So that we can maximize our accessibility to you during these restrictions, please make your requests for police reports via email, mail, or phone. Please click here and here for more information. Thank you for your understanding and please be safe!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

As the City of San Francisco responds to confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the men and women of SFPD remain steadfast in our commitment to maintain public safety, uphold the law and safeguard the well-being of our city. Our department is working closely with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and our partner public agencies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

As our City’s response to this pandemic evolves, so does SFPD’s response. Here are some of the measures we're taking to protect sworn members, civilian staff and the public from exposure:

  • Sick employees are instructed to notify their supervisors, stay home and do not come to work.
  • Members are instructed to wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and/or utilize an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with greater than 60% alcohol content.
  • SFPD vehicles are stocked with an Infectious Control Kit (also known as Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE). Included in the kit are disposable gloves, gown, an N-95 respirator and eye protection.
  • In instances when there is close contact with an individual suspected of having COVID-19, officers are to utilize the PPE kit. Close contact is defined as being within six feet of an individual with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19.
  • Officers on a routine basis screen individuals for indications of illness. If a person indicates they are ill, they are not booked at a district station and are referred for medical assistance.
  • Commanding Officers are to be proactive in ensuring routine cleaning and disinfecting of their stations. In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case at a station, the Platoon Commander shall initiate an infectious disease cleaning protocol.

For a list of COVID-19 recommendations for law enforcement agencies, as provided by the Centers for Disease Control, please click this link.

Education Over Enforcement.

The Public Health Order issued February 2021, by the City's Health Officer requires everyone in San Francisco to shelter in place, with exceptions for certain essential activities, business and government services, and public infrastructure construction (learn more here). The updated Health Order generally requires that members of the public wear a face-covering outside the home and in settings where many people are present, such as waiting in lines and shopping.

SFPD is empowered to issue misdemeanor citations for violations of this Public Health Order. However, our approach is to focus on education, rather than enforcement. The critical goal of this order is to inhibit the spread of Coronavirus. Please remember-our elders and community members with compromised immune systems are most at risk when the public does not follow these common-sense health guidelines.

For up-to-date information about San Francisco's response to COVID-19, visit

To receive SMS alerts when there are official Citywide updates about Coronavirus, text COVID19SF to 888-777.

Report a Health Order Violation

Do not call 911 unless you or someone else is in immediate danger. Reports that are not urgent can be made to 311. Call our non-emergency dispatch for large crowds not physically distancing at 1-415-553-0123. You can also call SFPD non-emergency dispatch for tents blocking sidewalks or entrances.

Please Utilize SFPD's Online Services.

Our number one priority is and has always been violent crime.  Call 9-1-1 to report violent crimes and crimes in progress. We will continue to respond to the scene.

Click here for important information about when to call 911 versus 311 to report crime. Police non-emergency assistance is also available 24/7 at 1-415-553-0123.

To avoid unnecessary in-person contact at our district stations and help stem the spread of COVID-19, visit our Get Service page. This is where you can file and request police reports, and find additional information online.