May 6, 2015 - Hearing Results

San Francisco Police Department             

                                                                          Chief of Police Permits

                                                                              Hearing Results for

                                                                 Wednesday, May 06, 2015

                                                       Room 551 at 1:00 PM

        1   Badillo, Jose V.

             1195 Quesada Avenue                                                                                      District:  U

             Tow Car Operator                                                                                            Permit #:  143954

             OK PERMIT.

             dba "Nelson's Tow"

             05/06/15 - DBA corrected, from "Nelson's Towing" to "Nelson's Tow".

             Decision:      GRANTED

        2   Crigler, Jacob F.

             Embarcadero, Pier 26                                                                                       District:  U

             Pedicab Operator                                                                                             Permit #:  143955

             OK PERMIT.

             dba "Cabrio Taxi"

             Decision:      GRANTED

        3   Giammona, Susan M.

             Corner of Market Street and Sansome                                                             District:  B

             Peddler Non Food                                                                                            Permit #:  143948

             OK Co. B, PERMIT.

             dba "Susan M. Giammona"

             Continued from 04/15/15 to 04/29/15 to 05/06/15.

             Decision:      GRANTED

        4   Pinaire, Noaeh

             105 W Newton Street                                                                                        District:  U

             Pedicab Operator                                                                                             Permit #:  143956

             OK PERMIT.

             dba "Golden Gate Pedicab"

             Decision:      GRANTED

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        5   Tzu Chi Foundation,

             2901 Irving Street                                                                                              District:  U

             Charitable Solicitation Non Sales                                                                     Permit #:

             OK PERMIT.

             dba "Tzu Chi Foundation"

             Decision:      GRANTED

        6   Veterans of Foreign Wars,

             401 Van Ness Avenue                                                                                       District:  U

             Charitable Solicitation Non Sales                                                                     Permit #:

             OK PERMIT.

             dba "Veterans of Foreign Wars 10th District"

             Decision:      GRANTED

                                                                                           Meaning of Abbreviations



Co. A – Central

Co. B – Southern

Co. C – Bayview

Co. D – Mission

Co. E – Northern

Co. F – Park

Co. G – Richmond

Co. H – Ingleside

Co. I – Taraval

Co. J – T.T.F. (Tenderloin Task Force)

BID – Building Inspection Division

CP – City Planning

DPH – Department of Public Health

EID – Electrical Inspection Division

PID – Plumbing Inspection Division

SFFD – San Francisco Fire Department

SFMTA – San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

DIS – Disapproval/Disapproved

N/A – Not Applicable

NR – No Response

W/N – Work Needed


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