Application and Selection Procedures

  • Step 1: Submit Application

    First, complete and submit an online application with the City and County of San Francisco. To do so, click here and follow the directions.

  • Step 2: Schedule NTN Test

    Next, visit the National Testing Network (NTN) website to schedule the “FrontLine National” law enforcement examination. (Visit the NTN Law Enforcement Testing page for additional testing information.) A fee is required to take the FrontLine National examination. Candidates with demonstrated financial hardship may request a fee waiver prior to test registration. (Visit the Candidate FAQ page on the NTN website to apply for a fee waiver.) Upon receipt of test scores from NTN, the City and County of San Francisco will notify candidates of their pass/fail status on this test component.

  • Step 3: Physical Ability Test (PAT)

    Candidates that pass the FrontLine National examination will be notified to take a Physical Ability Test (PAT), a pass/fail examination. 

  • Step 4: Oral Examination

    Candidates that pass the PAT will be notified to take an Oral Examination, which is also a pass/fail examination. In accordance with Civil Service Commission Rule 211.16.1, candidates may appeal the administration of the examination components. Appeals shall be limited as defined in Rule 211.16.1

  • Step 5: Eligibility List

    Candidates that pass the NTN Examination, the PAT and the Oral Examination will have their names added to the eligible list. Candidate names will remain on the list for a maximum period of 24 months. The San Francisco Police Department has the option to hire any candidate on the eligible list (“Rule of List”). Therefore, placement on this list neither guarantees nor implies that you will be offered employment. The San Francisco Police Department will administer the remaining processes outlined below to determine who shall advance further in the hiring process and be considered for appointment.

  • Step 6: Background Investigation

    The following items and tests may be required of candidates during the background investigation phase:

    • Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) Evaluation 
    • Employment, Character, and Background Investigation
    • Review of Judicial and Driving Records
    • Polygraph Examination
    • Testing for Use of Controlled Substances
    • Psychological Examination
    • Medical Examination
    • Vision Test
    • Hearing Test

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