SF SAFE Logo With San Francisco City Skyline


San Francisco SAFE, Inc. (Safety Awareness For Everyone) serves the diverse communities of San Francisco as the premier 501(c)3, community-driven public safety education and crime prevention awareness organization. SAFE has decades of experience as a trusted platform for community empowerment, allowing residents to advocate for more resources and take ownership of their own public safety needs with innovative tools that help build resiliency and improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods. As the non-profit community engagement arm of the San Francisco Police Department, SAFE works in collaboration with SFPD command staff, district captains, and beat officers to foster stronger connections between residents and their public safety leaders that support opportunities for meaningful dialogue and more positive, lasting relationships.

SAFE provides a suite of essential public safety services offered to all residents of San Francisco that protects residents and prevents crime. Please visit for more information about the organization, our partnership together, and the important public safety resources that SAFE provides.