Hearing Procedures (Virtual Until Further Notice)

San Francisco Police Permit Hearings

Police Commission Room #551
Hall of Justice, 5th Floor
850 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Wednesdays 1:00 PM

Hearing Procedures

All police permits are considered at a public hearing. Departmental presentation will be made, followed by the applicant's case presentation and any comments from the public in support of or opposition to the application. Applicants failure to appear may result in the denial of the application. A hearing announcement (blue poster) is prominently displayed on all fixed locations seeking permits at least ten days prior to the hearing to allow for public comment. At the hearing, the permit will be granted, conditionally granted, or disapproved, depending upon public protest or support and/or recommendations from all interested city agencies. Any permit that is opposed or disapproved at the hearing will be referred by the hearing officer to the Chief of Police who will render his or her decision to grant or deny within fifteen business days. The Chief's decision can be appealed to the Board of Appeals within fifteen days of the Chief's final decision.

Accessibility Information:

  • American sign language interpreters are available upon request, with a 72-hour notice. Call 1-415-553-1343.
  • A sound enhancement system will be available in alternative formats, with a 72-hour notice. Call 1-415-553-1343.
  • Individuals with severe allergies, environmental illnesses, multiple sensitivity, or related disabilities should call our accessibility hotline at 1-415-553-1343.
  • Wheelchair accessible parking is available in front of the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street.
  • Accessible seating for persons with disabilities and wheelchairs is available.


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