Tenderloin Station Community Meeting 01/24/23

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**This month's meeting is in-person**

Join us for the Tenderloin District Station Community Meeting with Captain Sergio Chin!

SAFE provides a platform for strong community connections. Our mission is to empower residents to organize and advocate for resources, take ownership of their own public safety challenges, and improve the quality of life in each diverse community.

To that end, SAFE facilitates consistent dialogue between community members and their public safety officials that is both meaningful and helps foster more responsive government services while building lasting, positive relationships. 

In partnership with SFPD, SAFE hosts regularly coordinated community meetings that are co-hosted alongside district Captains for every police district and neighborhood in our city, all open to the public. 

Community meetings provide an opportunity for residents to hear the latest updates from their local SFPD station, communicate community concerns, and participate in shaping the public safety strategy for their area. 

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Community Meeting